I am Grateful

From July 2014 until now, a huge gap. I almost forgotten that I even have this blog.
I am not sure if I am able to keep it up but still, not going to shut it down.
Quite a change in my life compared to 2014 but I am not complaining as it is changing for good.

In 2014, I got myself a puppy, a cute, curios, smart and notorious Jack Russell Terrier. Got him in August and very obedient plus follows instructions very well. He has been with me for almost 2 years but due to some circumstances, I have to leave him with my parents at Malaysia. Tough decision but I know it is the best for him. The mother of a friend mine would like to adopt him but I am not willing to let go as once I give it away, he is no longer a "HO". Plus, if he is with my retired father, he will keep my father busy. By the way, his name is Jonas Hugo.

And in the year of 2014, I was promoted twice. Unfortunately and gladly, towards the end of 2014, I was asked if I would like to exit the company voluntarily. I declined at the beginning but agreed later. I am grateful that I did and got to experience, it may sound stupid but I realised one important point, may sound harsh but it is a fact. Profit speaks itself, no matter how formulated or how valued the company even with those that claims people first, I will have doubts. Anyway, that's 2014.

2015 was a good year, bumpy yet full of excitement. Started with good news from the immigration on my permit and then, two months vacation after accepting the leave voluntary. Job seeking process was slightly difficult, but I managed to secure myself a job in August. The best part is that I started my Yoga journey! Completed my 100 hours teacher training! And, my network just grown rapidly. Got to know a yoga teacher and now, he is one of my best friend. And ended the year with a blast! Invited to join my best friend's Christmas dinner with his family! Good food and the bottle of wine that I brought, was just the one they need. And I am grateful for that.

I am not going to continue with 2016 as I felt that should be for the next post. I have yet to decide as if I should include my yoga journey here or at another blog. Anyway, I wish you all a Good Friday.

Vi snakkes!


Ut på tur, aldri sur!

Public was informed about the terrorist threat against Norway last Thursday but was asked to resume daily activities as usual. And I did but I was more cautious and vigilant about my surrounding. Went to office on Friday when I have the option to work from home. It was a bit of hassle on Friday as the trains were replaced with busses, planned shutdown of track for repair and upgrading work. Best part, Saturday. I went out with Jesper for a nearly 3 hours hike-cum-walk in the woods.
I wish I know how to swim, look at this beautiful lake!

Never regretted instead very glad I did this even though it rained when we were half way through our route. I will not complain about the weather as I agree with one famous proverb of "ikke dårlig vær bare dårlige klær!", meaning there is no bad weather but only bad clothing. One will find Norway boring if he or she dislikes outdoor activities. I am in love with Norway and I can see myself settling down here. And one more thing, I can't wait for Jonas to be part of my life! 


Meditation, realization and enlightenment. The main goal of a Buddhist practitioner is to achieve enlightenment or nirvana. That is the only way to break the cycle of birth and death. And for us, the human, death is something that we don't like to talk about but we know clearly that we will have to face it someday or maybe quite a number of times, be it relatives, friends, strangers, animals, etc. The first time when I was introduced to the term death was my uncle. Then, followed by my maternal grandma, my cousin, my friends, paternal grandpa and one that is very important to me, my paternal grandma. It did hit me hard and it still does in a way especially when my mind brings me back to my childhood! Ok, let's not step into that now. Back to the topic. Last week, one of the monk-to-be asked me about the topics that I would like to explore on and without any hesitation, death. I have to say it is partially influenced by the youtube video that I watched. The video talked a bit on meditation on death and was beautifully delivered by Gen Jampa. At my current age, three types of news that I would get, two being good news, marriage and birth and another not so good news, death. So, why not prepare yourself?! Taboo? Maybe. Yes because we are afraid of death and no because we are the one that creates this taboo. Anyway, the reason I drafting this is to remind myself and maybe you, that we will die one day. Time and place, unknown but will happen when our karmic seeds ripen! I was told that it is never too late to start now by doing good deeds, purify our body, speech and mind and of course, stop the bad and all the negative actions. Hopefully, all human can achieve nirvana!